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Do you know how to play to your strengths?

WhatzNext founded by Georgia Papageorgiou, when she caught asking herself what's next in her career. As this question seems to appear often in everyone's mind, well, Georgia decided to create WhatzNext and help people find their answers on their own what's next question!

Each one of us deserves to be more confident, fulfilled and completed in our career life. WhatzNext is here to help you define your own success and by taking the right actions you will be ready to lead your career to the direction you want.  At WhatzNext, you can learn how to reach your full potential and play to your strenghts!

Are you ready to be empowered and to make the positive career changes you were always dreaming of?

"If I only had an hour to chop down a tree, I would spend the first 45 minutes sharpening my axe" 

Abraham Lincoln

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Georgia Papageorgiou
CV, Interview & LinkedIn Expert

Georgia has worked in HR and in Recruitment, where recruitment has proven to be her true passion! She has reviewed over 320,000 CVs, she has done over 250 hires across Europe, and she has professional experience from Greece, UK and the Netherlands. She has worked  in many industries such as Manufacturing/Engineering, Telecommunications, HR/SaaS, Finance, Hospitality/Customer Service, Video Gaming, IT/Software and Sustainability.


The cultural and international exposure, while working with people from all over the world, has enabled her to develop a great understanding of different backgrounds and an advanced perception of what is needed to be said on a CV, LinkedIn and during the Interview process. Passionate with her job and absolutely positive mindset that always believes that you can achieve whatever you want, if you really believe in yourself!

Georgia considers that her best strengths are to connect with people, build rapport, understand their needs and recognise their talents. She likes to play to her strengths and she loves to help others do too!


Georgia holds a BSc in Sociology and an MSc in HRM and Business.

She is also CIPD Qualified (Level 7 Diploma in Human Resource Management). She is currently living in Amsterdam.



The essence of my work is to facilitate self-growth by helping you identify the core challenges and setbacks in your career path, so that you can overcome them with confidence. I specialise in understanding your needs and creating personalised plans,  providing tools to guide you forward and achieve your desired career goals.

I can use my experience to help you formatting and modify your CV, Cover Letter and LinkedIn according to the role you are looking for, the industry or the job sector you are aiming at. Following my method and techniques, I can educate you to create the outstanding CV and Cover Letter as well as to be fully ready for the Interviews that can open the doors and land the dream job you’ve been chasing! 

I know how to make your application stand out by using the recruiter’s “tips and tricks”, to help you understand the recruiter's point of view as well as what is that they want to see in a CV, Cover Letter and LinkedIn. The Formula I have created will be applied not only to your CV, Cover Letter, LinkedIn but, also, I can help you with the hard process of the Interview Preparation. While preparing for interviews,  I can transmit to you all the tips, knowledge and confidence you need, and we can practice together by doing mock interviews.
I have helped job seekers to find their ideal jobs and paint a smile on them!

Who is Next on WhatzNext?

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"The beginning is the most important part of the work" 



I still remember my conversations with Georgia as she went above and beyond to understand my situation, listened to what I was trying to achieve and helped me by providing a tailored made plan to sharpen my CV and prepared me for job applications and interviews.

While I was transitioning from the hospitality industry to an IT software sales role, her guidance was critical mainly in the interviewing stages where she helped me with all the different levels of stakeholders.
What really stands out with Georgia is her coaching style; making you feel very comfortable to open up throughout the sessions but at the same time she is challenging you all the way to bring out the best of yourself.

John Romaios, Enterprise Business Representative EMEA at GitHub

Georgia has been the treasure map while I was feeling lost and discouraged. Not only she guided me with her fantastic coaching abilities to find a dream job, but also taught me how to enjoy and realign myself in order to find the best career path for me.

Dimitra Armirioti, Senior Associate Manufacturing Execution Solutions at Pfizer

Georgia's impact on my career during the challenging times of Covid cannot be overstated. Through her Career Coaching program, we instantly connected, and her guidance proved invaluable in propelling my professional growth. Her expertise in the Talent Acquisition field, coupled with her kind, inspiring, and honest nature, made her an exceptional mentor. During our time together, Georgia supported and coached me through obstacles, ensuring I stayed on track and continued to progress. Her knowledge and insights were instrumental in securing my next career step, and I am immensely grateful for her contributions. Georgia's coaching approach went beyond surface-level advice. She tapped into my potential, challenged me to surpass my limits, and instilled unwavering confidence in my abilities. Her dedication to my success was evident in every interaction, and I felt privileged to have her by my side. I definitely recommend Georgia to anyone seeking a mentor/ career coach. Her professionalism, expertise, and genuine care for her mentees make her an invaluable asset. With Georgia's guidance, you can confidently navigate your career path and achieve remarkable results by learning how to play to your stremghts!

Nikol Louzi, People Engagement Partner at Cube RM

Image by Jeremy Perkins


The difference between who you are and who you want to be is what you do.


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Amsterdam, Netherlands


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